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Opening Up, Cooperation And Shared Future - Dongchang Group Joined Hands With And Actively Participated In The 2nd Import Expo

Opening Up, Cooperation And Shared Future - Dongchang Group Joined Hands With And Actively Participated In The 2nd Import Expo

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(Summary description) The 2nd China International Import Expo was inaugurated on the 5th date at the Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center. On the same day, Hongqiao International Economic Forum was held, atte

Opening Up, Cooperation And Shared Future - Dongchang Group Joined Hands With And Actively Participated In The 2nd Import Expo

(Summary description)The 2nd China International Import Expo was inaugurated on the 5th date at the Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center. On the same day, Hongqiao International Economic Forum was held, atte

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  • Time of issue:2020-02-28 15:06
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The 2nd China International Import Expo was inaugurated on the 5th date at the Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center. On the same day, Hongqiao International Economic Forum was held, attended by more than 4,000 guests from political, business and research circles around the world. Ding Jianzu, leader of Shanghai Dongchang Enterprise Group Corporation Limited, attended the opening ceremony of 2nd China International Import Expo and Hongqiao International Economic Forum held on that day.

The 2nd China International Import Expo was held from November 5 to 10. On the basis of the first session, this import fair has been upgraded, with 181 countries, regions and international organizations participating and more than 3,800 exhibitors presenting. This time, Dongchang Group sent more than 40 professionals to participate in the 2nd China International Import Expo.

Encouraged and inspired

At the opening ceremony, guests from all circles over the world were greatly encouraged by China’s determination to further expand her opening up. Everyone is excited about the bright future of global cooperation that China has shown the world. After the opening ceremony, Ding Jianzu, the leader of Dongchang Group, could hardly contain his excitement. Ding Jianzu said excitedly: “China's economic development prospects will certainly be brighter and brighter, and the world's future will be better because of a more open, inclusive, innovative and beautiful China. Ding Jianzu was deeply impressed by the connotation of ”continue to optimize the business environment". He said with emotion: "Recent years have seen continuous optimization of the business environment in Shanghai, various examination and approval procedures have been greatly simplified, and our business operation has been greatly facilitated. We share the same circumstances and feeling about it. "

Ding Jianzu said that the Import Expo is a historical opportunity for the development of foreign enterprises and also for our Chinese enterprises. "This will bring huge benefits to every enterprise and even every individual. I have more confidence in the future of China's economy and in the development of our enterprises. "

Grasp the opportunity of the new era and actively participate in international cooperation

Dongchang Group, which was born in Pudong, was founded in the early 1990s, with investment in the real economy as its core. Its business covers many fields such as intelligent manufacturing and service, automobile sales and service, financial leasing and service. It is based on the flourishing land of China (Shanghai) Free Trade Zone and is at the forefront of China's reform and opening up and that of Pudong's development and opening up. Dongchang Group deeply feels that the world is going through a new round of great development, changes and adjustments.

Coincidentally with the holding of the 2nd China International Import Expo, an international grand gathering "at the door of home", Dongchang Group believes that the Chinese market will be more open and the Chinese economy will be more dynamic in the future. Chinese enterprises and world enterprises are facing historic development opportunities.

Two months before the opening of this China International Import Expo, Dongchang Group and its subordinate companies took active moves. The group leaders personally planned and carefully selected the business backbones and established three taskforces. A total of more than 40 people participated in the 2nd China International Import Expo as professionals. Dongchang Group has participated in two consecutive sessions of China International Import Expositions. Last year Dongchang Group participated in the first China International Import Exposition with eye-catching achievements. As for the current session of the Expo, Dongchang Group has devoted more energy and manpower to actively participate in the grand event "at the door of home".

The three taskforces carefully prepared for this event, held several special meetings for planning, worked out detailed participation plans and tasks in alignment with their respective business characteristics, which are required to be targeted, clear in objectives and produce more results. It is hoped to find business opportunities during the 2nd China International Import Expo, to conduct effective and in-depth business contacts with counterparts at home and abroad, to find new business opportunities, and to achieve win-win cooperation.

Among them, Setech, a subsidiary of Dongchang Group, organized one of the taskforces to participate in the 2nd China International Import Expo on November 8. It mainly focuses on the exhibition areas of service trade, automobile equipment, technology life, and medical equipment, and contacts with counterpart exhibitors to find new cooperation opportunities. Granday Financial Leasing Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Dongchang Group, also sent a professional team to participate in the International Import Expo to learn advanced concepts and methods of international financial service, and to look for new cooperation opportunities in the field of international finance.

Taking the great event as an opportunity, Dongchang Group as a whole has responded positively to the call of the Party and the state to contribute more strength to China's economic and social development and greater enterprise efforts to build a community of shared future. Dongchang Group will try its best to grasp the opportunities of the new era, take an active part in international cooperation with a more open mind and move towards a larger international stage. Dare to innovate, get right on the job and be enterprising, demand ourselves with higher standards, break through the bottleneck of development, and realize a new round of leap-forward development in the direction of higher level and higher quality.

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