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Ding Jianyong, Chairman Of Dongchang Group, Attended The Meeting On Optimizing The Business Environment Hosted By Mayor Ying Yong. What Did They Say?

Ding Jianyong, Chairman Of Dongchang Group, Attended The Meeting On Optimizing The Business Environment Hosted By Mayor Ying Yong. What Did They Say?

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  • Time of issue: 2020-02-28 15:11
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(Summary description) January 30 is the first working day of the new Shanghai municipal government. A research symposium on the theme "Optimizing the business environment and promoting the development of private economy" w

Ding Jianyong, Chairman Of Dongchang Group, Attended The Meeting On Optimizing The Business Environment Hosted By Mayor Ying Yong. What Did They Say?

(Summary description)January 30 is the first working day of the new Shanghai municipal government. A research symposium on the theme "Optimizing the business environment and promoting the development of private economy" w

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  • Time of issue:2020-02-28 15:11
  • Views:8

January 30 is the first working day of the new Shanghai municipal government. A research symposium on the theme "Optimizing the business environment and promoting the development of private economy" was held in Zhangjiang, Pudong, with city leaders Ying Yong, Shi Xiaolin, Wu Qing and Jin Xingming present. At the meeting, Shanghai Municipal Party Committee deputy secretary and mayor Ying Yong and 12 representatives of private entrepreneurs, including chairman Ding Jianyong of Dongchang Group, met face to face and jointly "felt the pulse" (conducted diagnosis) for the development of Shanghai's private economy and "prescribed medicine" (provide solution) for further optimizing the business environment.

As remarked by Ying Yong, private enterprises have made important contributions to Shanghai's economic and social development. Based on the new starting point, I hope that private enterprises will actively integrate into the overall development of Shanghai, give full play to their own advantages and realize high-quality development. Shanghai will comprehensively improve the administrative efficiency of the government, speed up the construction of a new type of “cordial” and “clean”government-business relationship, and make every effort to create a ruled-by-law, international and convenient business environment for all kinds of market players, including private enterprises.

"Today we are here to listen to opinions and find problems. I hope everyone can talk openly and don't have any worries. "After Ying Yong's brief opening remarks, entrepreneurs such as Ding Jianyong, Che Jianxing, Guo Guangchang, Wang Junjin, Lu Weiding and Lin Kaiwen, by referring to their own experiences, rushed to speak on the optimization of Shanghai's business environment, praising the success or complaining about some common problems, causing hot discussion on the spot and arousing high sprit and animated atmosphere. Ying Yong responded one by one and agreed with the development models and strategies of different enterprises.

Ding Jianyong: echoing Shanghai's strategy of building five centers and launching four brands and making first-class enterprise Groups

At the symposium, Ding Jianyong made a comprehensive report on Dongchang Group, which, as a local enterprise, grew up with the development and opening up of Pudong New Area. The Group was established in 1993 with its registered place and headquarters in Lujiazui Financial and Trade Zone. For many years, the group has been ranked by the Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Statistics as one of the top 50 enterprises in Shanghai in terms of revenue, profit and tax and comprehensive strength. The group's main business includes modern productive services, financial services and industrial investment. Dongchang Group's productive service of "Equipment-lifecycle Integrated Management" is to provide management services of overall equipment solutions for large manufacturing enterprises. Its advanced management mode has opened up a new field of modern productive service and has won national first-class achievement in management innovation. The financial leasing company initiated by Dongchang is one of the 60+ non-bank financial institutions approved by CBRC to provide professional financial leasing services such as new energy vehicles and medical and health services. The R&D and sales center of the new energy vehicle project invested by the Group in intelligent manufacturing industry is located in Shanghai. Echoing Shanghai's strategy of building an international financial, trade, economic, shipping and scientific center and the four-brand concept of "Shanghai service, Shanghai manufacturing, Shanghai shopping and Shanghai culture", Dongchang Group strives to build a first-class, innovation-driven and market leading enterprise group with financial innovation and modern productive services as its core.

● Ding Jianyong remarked, "As a native Shanghai private enterprise, I deeply feel that Shanghai's business environment is in the forefront of the country, with fair and just administration of justice, gathering of international talents, various supporting facilities in the city, and continuous improvement in government efficiency. In line with the goal of "making efforts to build a legal, international and convenient business environment and a fair, unified and efficient market environment" put forward by mayor Ying Yong, we will make subtraction for the administrative approval process and transaction costs, and make addition to the administrative efficiency. "

● Ding Jianyong pointed out that the short cask slab of Shanghai's business environment is the relatively high business cost. This issue aroused the resonance and heated discussion of private entrepreneurs present here.

● Ding suggested that private enterprises and state-owned enterprises should be put on the same starting line with the same treatment. It is suggested to open up the market to private enterprises with good credit, qualifications and development ability, allowing them to increase the construction of rental housing, and to enjoy the same support and supervision as state-owned enterprises.

Ying Yong: locating and making up the deficiencies to create better environment for private enterprises

Ying Yong listened carefully to everyone's speech, interjected from time to time, discussed with entrepreneurs interactively, and responded one by one to private entrepreneurs' suggestions such as creating a fair competition environment, reducing the burden on enterprises, optimizing the procedures for introducing overseas talents, improving the efficiency of examination and approval, and strengthening the support of industrial policies. He also urged relevant departments of the government to take the problems back and study and solve them promptly.

Ying Yong pointed out that private enterprises in Shanghai act as important engine for economic growth, important subject of innovation and development, important channel for job creation, and important force for enhancing market vitality. Shanghai has always attached great importance to the development of private economy and private enterprises. It is hoped that private enterprises in Shanghai will actively conform to the new situation, strive to show new achievements, realize high-quality development, and strive to make greater contributions to the new round of development in Shanghai.

"We shall be happy when we hear criticism, - to know the shortage, to understand the hardship, to make up for the shortage, and to strive to create a better environment for the development and growth of private enterprises." Ying Yong stressed that optimizing the business environment is the key to enhancing Shanghai's core competitiveness. As a whole, Shanghai has a good business environment. The great development in Shanghai over the past few years has largely benefited from a business environment characterized by the rule of law, internationalization and facilitation. There is no best for the business environment, only better. We must adhere to determined development, create and further safeguard a good environment in Shanghai that emphasizes contracts, honesty, rule of law and standardization, while learning from good experiences and practices at home and abroad modestly. We must make great efforts to deepen the reform of "deregulation", simplify examination and approval procedure, reduce relevant fees, improve efficiency – in a word, to further optimize Shanghai's business environment, and allow more enterprises to grow and realize their dreams here.

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