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To help fight against the epidemic, Dongchang Group continues to carry out anti-epidemic donations

To help fight against the epidemic, Dongchang Group continues to carry out anti-epidemic donations

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(Summary description) Today, the epidemic in Shanghai has entered a stage of social clearing. In order to actively respond to the call of the party and the government to speed up the "tackling difficulties"

To help fight against the epidemic, Dongchang Group continues to carry out anti-epidemic donations

(Summary description)Today, the epidemic in Shanghai has entered a stage of social clearing. In order to actively respond to the call of the party and the government to speed up the "tackling difficulties"

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  • Time of issue:2022-04-26 12:35
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  Today, the epidemic in Shanghai has entered a stage of social clearing. In order to actively respond to the call of the party and the government to speed up the "tackling difficulties", Dongchang Group continues to charge forward and fully launches a new round of anti-epidemic donation actions.

  So far, Dongchang Group has donated protective clothing, isolation gowns and other anti-epidemic materials to nearly 20 neighborhood committees in Pudong, Hongkou and other districts, including Jinqiao, Beicai, Sanlin, Huamu, etc. In addition, Dongchang Group also urgently raised living materials to support the food supply of Shanghai Pudong Hospital.



  This is a special anti-epidemic donation. The party committee of Dongchang Group plays the role of a fighting fortress to raise anti-epidemic materials; party members and volunteers charge ahead, contact and connect with areas with difficulties in epidemic prevention, implement point-to-point anti-epidemic donations, contribute to corporate strength, and help fight the epidemic. Hit hard.

  Party members and volunteers take the lead and donate point-to-point to fight the epidemic

  "The epidemic prevention situation in our streets is still relatively severe. 10 of the 32 buildings in my community are still closed and controlled."

  "This is a large community, with more than 400 volunteers and staff, and the consumption of protective clothing, alcohol and other epidemic prevention materials is very large, and the pressure to block the spread of the epidemic is still very high."

  Many Dongchang party members and volunteers are still sticking to the front line of the community's fight against the epidemic, and they continue to reflect the new situation to the group.

  "Epidemic prevention has entered a new stage. We should attack the key points of epidemic prevention and contribute to the strength of the enterprise." The Dongchang Group Party Committee played the role of a fighting fortress and took immediate action to raise epidemic prevention materials urgently. According to the clues provided by party members and volunteers, key donations were made to In areas with difficulties in epidemic prevention, we will help to overcome difficulties in epidemic prevention, and help the society to be cleared as soon as possible.



  However, the donation implementation process was full of twists and turns: I tried every means to get the emergency-purchased anti-epidemic medical supplies, but encountered the difficulty of delivery without a driver; the delivery driver was finally coordinated, but there was a problem that some areas could not be delivered directly.

  After many efforts, finally under the strong promotion of the group party committee, after 2 days of distribution and transportation, point-to-point docking, protective clothing, isolation clothing, face shields and other anti-epidemic materials were finally donated in place and distributed to the Dongchang party member volunteers in time. The difficult epidemic prevention area of ​​​​the receiving department and the community volunteers are sincerely grateful.



  Food is guaranteed, donated by Dongchang and delivered to Pudong Hospital

  In response to the call of the Federation of Industry and Commerce of Pudong New Area, Dongchang Group also actively participated in the city-wide voluntary action to ensure food supply, during which it was informed that Shanghai Pudong Hospital was under pressure for food supply.

  As early as April 6, Pudong Hospital was temporarily converted into a designated hospital for COVID-19 treatment. The 1,500 beds in the hospital were filled one after another. In addition to the medical staff still staying in the hospital, the daily consumption of food was huge, and there was a lot of pressure to maintain supply.

  Knowing this emergency, Dongchang Group responded quickly. However, it was difficult to urgently raise sufficient quantities of food supplies in Shanghai, especially for instant food. Dongchang Group immediately turned to overseas procurement, and tried every means to purchase anti-epidemic living materials from other provinces.



  On the basis of strictly abiding by the epidemic prevention measures, Dongchang Group quickly promoted inter-provincial transportation and distribution, and delivered this batch of epidemic prevention living materials to Pudong Hospital as soon as possible, successfully completing the handover. On the same day, these living materials were moved to the dining table of patients and medical staff in the hospital.

  Continue to exert force, Dongchang Group has always charged ahead

  Since the outbreak of the epidemic, Dongchang Group has taken the initiative to undertake corporate social responsibility, and has made donations for epidemic prevention several times in a row. At the beginning of April, facing the shortage of anti-epidemic materials in some areas, Dongchang Group made every effort to collect a large number of anti-epidemic medical and living materials from other places, urgently distributed them across provinces, and finally delivered them to the Jinqiao area of ​​Pudong, helping the community to fight the epidemic in the last 100 meters.

  As early as the end of March, in the face of a new round of outbreaks, the top leaders of Dongchang Group mobilized for the first time: refused to lie down and took the initiative. A retrograde anti-epidemic action was officially launched, and Dongchang Group has always charged forward.



  On the eve of the global lockdown in Pudong, employees of Dongchang Group's Zhongtong Auto Parts, Dongchang-Faurecia and other companies urgently picked up the blankets and put them in the factory; in the closed-loop workshop, they always ensured that production would not be out of order, even if there was nucleic acid every day.

  When the epidemic situation was extremely severe, the higher-level party organization issued a mobilization order, and Dongchang Group responded immediately. Party members of the group took the initiative to reveal their identities and signed up to become community epidemic prevention volunteers. Dongchang employees followed suit and became community volunteers. In the past month, more than 100 Dongchang people have joined the community anti-epidemic volunteer service, and many Dongchang volunteers have been fighting for more than 20 consecutive days.

  In the face of the impact of the epidemic, the "last 100 meters of the community" faced difficulties in fighting the epidemic. Dongchang Group launched a donation activity to help the last 100 meters of the community to prevent epidemics. This is also a donation action ahead of the charge. As the chairman unit of the Jinqiao Town Chamber of Commerce in Pudong, Dongchang Group also launched an initiative to the members of the Jinqiao Town Chamber of Commerce, calling on the members of the Chamber of Commerce to work together to help prevent and control the epidemic. Under the initiative of Dongchang Group, the member units of Jinqiao Chamber of Commerce took action one after another.

  With the development of the epidemic prevention situation, the problem of social security supply has gradually become prominent. In response to the call, Dongchang Group stepped forward again, and its subordinate Dongchang Automobile dispatched more than ten volunteer vehicles to stand by at all times to support social security supply; there are also many employees Become a supply guarantee volunteer in Pudong New Area, plan to live in a food supply guarantee factory and participate in social food supply throughout the day.

  Now to achieve the goal of clearing the society as soon as possible, the government has issued a call to "speed up the breakthrough". At this time, Dongchang Group continued to make efforts to start new anti-epidemic donations to help "pull points" in the fight against the epidemic.

  In the face of the epidemic, Dongchang Group has always responded to the call of the party and the government with practical actions, taken the initiative to lead the development of the enterprise, donated to prevent the epidemic and gave back to the social care, and focused on the mission and initiative.

  Dongchang Group firmly believes that with the concerted efforts of the whole society, the battle to clear the society will surely be won.

  When the cloud opens and the epidemic dissipates, there is a clear sky after the wind and rain!

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