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Shanghai Dongchang Enterprise Group Corporation Limited (hereinafter referred to as "Dongchang Group") was established in 1993, with investment mainly in the real economy, and business covers multiple fields including intelligent manufacturing and service, automobile sales and service, financial leasing and service, etc. Dongchang Group has been honored with the title of "Outstanding Model Enterprise for Performing Corporate Social Responsibility" by the government. "Dongchang" is recognized as a “Chinese Well-known Trademark” and "Shanghai Famous Brand".

English Name: Shanghai Dongchang Enterprise Group Corporation Limited

Headquarters: Shanghai, China

Company Type: Large Comprehensive Enterprise Group

Scope of Investment: Manufacturing, Service, Finance

Business Layout of Dongchang Group:

Intelligent Manufacturing and Service: Dongchang Group invests in the field of manufacturing new energy vehicles and automotive spare parts, aiming at producing safe, reliable and user-friendly products to enhance customer experience, creating value for consumers with excellent quality, driving evolution in automotive industry, and building a new ecology of intelligent travel and quality life. At the same time, the subsidiaries of Dongchang Group provide equipment lifecycle management service to support major automotive OEMs.

Automobile Sales and Service: Auto sales companies of Dongchang Group are engaged in the whole industrial chain of auto sales and service, operating more than 20 world-renowned car brands. With the “Sincere, Standard, Professional” brand positioning, Dongchang Auto strives to become a trustworthy automotive service expert in the eyes of consumers by continuously improving customer satisfaction and customer experience. 

Financial Leasing and Service: The financial leasing company invested by Dongchang Group is a financial institution approved by the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission, being engaged in financing, leasing and investment financial services. It integrates the PBOC’s credit reference platform and big data platform, with full-process and digital intelligent solutions, to provide safe and convenient financial service for customers and financing service for high-quality enterprises in the growing period.

Party Building:

Dongchang Group CPC Committee insists on taking political leadership as core value, implements the "Double-training Program", guides the mutual transformation between Party members and business backbones, and sets up "Gold-Collar Station" as a platform to support Party building work, to promote full coverage of Party activities, to create first-class performance, and to enhance the cohesive force and competitiveness of enterprises.

Social Responsibility:

Among the Pioneering Program pilots of Shanghai, Dongchang Group makes position in the first group of enterprises that reach the standard through the third-party evaluation of corporate social responsibility system construction, and was rated by Pudong New Area Government as "Outstanding Model Enterprise for Performing Corporate Social Responsibility".


From 2012 to 2018, Dongchang Group financially supported a number of projects through Kaiming Charity Foundation, including the poverty alleviation project in Anlong County of Guizhou Province, the construction project of the nursing home in Qianshan Township of Guangchang County of Jiangxi Province, the infrastructure improvement project in Anhua County and Tongdao County of Hunan Province, the "One-hand-one-heart Rainbow Action" Xinjiang Minority schoolmasters training course and Jinsha teachers training, Scholar Literary-Rainbow Book Activity, and the Small-hand-in-big-hand donation and student-supporting activities.


Since 2010, Dongchang Group has participated in the "Participatory Poverty Alleviation Plan" launched by the United Nations Development Programme (NUDP) and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Yunnan Province for many years in succession, assisting Jinping County and Malipo County in Yunnan Province in precisely alleviating poverty.


In December 2009, Dongchang Group was among the first enterprises in the country to respond to the "Carbon Reduction" commitment made by the Chinese government to the world at the Copenhagen Global Climate Conference and launched a series of large-scale thematic activities entitled "World Expo Year, Carbon Reduction, Meet in 2010".


After the Wenchuan earthquake on May 12, 2008, Dongchang Group and the subsidiaries organized employees to provide donation and actively support for the disaster areas. In June, Dongchang Group made additional donations to build Taziba Middle School in Dujiangyan.

Shanghai Dongchang Enterprise Group Corporation Limited
Address:No. 160, Lane 91, Eshan Road, Pudong New Area, Shanghai, China



Shanghai Dongchang Enterprise Group Corporation Limited

Address:No. 160, Lane 91, Eshan Road, Pudong New Area, Shanghai, China



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